Thursday, June 24, 2010

::Hadiah Ebook dari Saya::

First of all,
i wanna say thanx soo much for da ebook written by my ex lecturer in KPM, sir Nazir Azhari for giving a gift which is "21 + 4 tips tips Fotografi Bagi Acara Majlis Rasmi" worth RM200 for free!
reli appreciate it sir

Actually, i didnt mentioned about this contest, i just drop a comment, then i got msg from sir titled 'Hadiah Ebook dari Saya'
then tgk post sir balik, it was a contest..ouhh..then i noe why sir give that ebook to me.
i loikeeeee it!!
insyaallah i will improve my photo skill.

this is the cover page of the book.


y.a.n.a said...

ko ni ada pape ke gn sir ko ni...

dilla ohh lala said...

oit.sir aku lah.ngarut jek ko ni yana..ahha :p

y.a.n.a said...

cam lagu dangdung lak..

pe mslhnya kalo sir..
kalo da jodoh, tak kemana..

dilla ohh lala said...

ngek.die da kawen la ko ni...
ape la ko ni yana..hahaha