Friday, July 02, 2010

:: world cup ::

salam. haha. dalam duk boring2 nih..aku terbace blog kampung piala dunia.biselah demam2 nii..tgk la cite2 panas pasal piala dunia nii. pastu aku nmpk dizz chart.hee

yess! team aku disasarkan dpt menjulang piala dunia kali ini.hee.asek brasil jek.boringg memang aku ske world cup kali ni. tige2 team aku, argentina, netherlands n espana berjaya ke suku akhir. hopefully either one dpt..x sabarnyerr nak tgk sape yg menang nii.. hehe.
mesti besttt!! kepada my team, i support u guys, especially to my messi.ouch! u can do it dear. c'mon c'mon rock dat ball babe..cewahhhh! ~ lalalala. luck always! xoxo!

:: tips tips ::

hye. wanna share some photography tips that i get from my fren.hehe. lets check it out! :DD

This spring when you begin to venture out with your camera, add some eye-catching spice to your landscape photos by choosing alternate perspectives and compositions.

The first example below shows a typical landscape.

A typical landscape shot.
Here are five ideas to give your landscape photos a little more spice:
1. Get Down: So many good landscape shots miss the chance to be great simply because we lift the camera to our faces and shoot. This may capture the inspiring scenery, but from a head-height perspective that we are all unconsciously accustomed to. Simply getting low to the ground can improve your results and make your photo stand out.
2. Tilt Forward: Enhance the impact of your immediate location in the context of the whole by tilting your camera forward and focusing on what's immediately in front of you while keeping the rest of the landscape in the picture.

3. Shoot Through: Shooting from just inside a treeline or through a bunch of tall grass or flowers will heighten the sense of being in the landscape.

4. Seek Contrast: Include strong elements of light and shadow to achieve a more stunning effect.

5. Frame: Look for opportunities to frame your landscape photos in dramatic ways such as breaks in the foliage or open portals like glassless windows and open doors.

:: golden guides ::

Always bring your camera
The number one reason why people miss good pictures is because they don't have a camera. Make it a habit to always carry a camera with you, because you never know what you could miss.

Shoot more
If you think you shoot enough - you don't. Especially if you have a digital camera, because there is no added cost to taking more photographs. Why take just one picture if you can take several? Are you in a place you may never visit again? Take a picture, because even the most boring day to day scenes can become historical in just a few years of time.

trust your eye
Studying laws of composition is fine, but when it comes down to you must trust your eye. When you frame the shot, move the camera and explore the scene. When you find an angle or composition that FEELS good to you, take the picture immediately. You can (and should) get several more shots.

train your eye
Look at the pictures you have taken and critique your own work. Did the image turn out like you planned? Do you like the composition? This self-review stage is essential for you to improve your photographic "spider-sense".

know your camera
You don't need to memorize every feature right away, but over time you should be comfortable enough so that operating your camera becomes second nature. It's like learning to shift gears or ride a bicycle - only when the machine becomes transparent are you really driving.

always work on a copy
This essential guide is new for the era of digital photography. Remember that until you make a backup copy your digital photo is a one of a kind original. Make it a habit to make copies immediately after loading them from your camera, even before looking at them! Back up your images onto removable media as often as you can.