Friday, June 25, 2010

::monstabox by azreen chan::

did you see dat?
wats ur feeling when u see this cute stuff??
omg, its dem cute!
i must grab it!!

i'll pm azreen in her email, 2 days later, this stuff is belong to me by poslaju.
thanx to the posmen..hehe :p
i love it!

for those who love art, and 100% hand drawn please take a look this blog.

100% hand-drawn by azreenchan

azreen chan is one of my ex schoolmate in smk Seri Indah.
I support her by buy her art work and I wish to have another stuff soon.
to azreen,
keep up the great effort girl.
gud luck~

to watch azreen live on tv9.
check it out!

it's mine!!

love it!

simpan pin tudung

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